Double Glazed Aluminium Windows

Serving the Slimline Double Glazed Aluminium Windows Market

Our aluminium windows are double glazed and have a slimline frame. The thinnest frame available, it provides a unique alternative to UPVC or wood frames.

There are many advantages, including a clear view not interrupted by a bulky frame. The finished product is extremely durable and designed to last. It’s also resistant to weathering and warping, and lasting performance is enabled by a strong powder coating. Customers have over 300 colours to choose from and a range of sizes accommodates almost any space.


Our Aluminium Windows are Suited for Renovations or New Builds

Slimline aluminium windows from CB Glass Doors are ideal for any project. Two variations are available. One is the SMARTS Alitherm 47 window with a ‘C’ rating for thermal efficiency. Suited for residential and commercial use, this thoroughly tested product is both affordable and long lasting. Clients can choose from colour coded handles and hinges and have glass blinds built right in.

The other choice is the SAPA Crown aluminium window. Supplied with an ‘A’ thermal efficiency rating, this window actually helps lower heating bills. A wide range of options and sizes are available, so we can match the client’s exact specifications. Frame thickness is also 50% less than competing varieties. In addition, our windows are made to exceed all UK heating regulations and can improve the thermal efficiency of the entire building.

Aside from an ultra slim aluminium frame, our windows have a durable powder coating and are covered under warranty. We supply each customized product within 4 weeks of initial order and survey. Glass options include solar, 4 seasons, and self cleaning glass. Custom coloured Georgian bars can be ordered.

UK customers also have the advantage of free delivery nationwide.