Slimline Bi fold Patio Doors

Aluminium Bi fold Patio Doors Options Accommodate Any Requirement


Aluminium bi-folding doors have been in our catalog for some time. CB Glass Doors is the most dependable supplier and manufacturer. All of our retractable products are made to measure. The slimline frames are the preferred choice by homeowners.

Full service includes a site survey, custom design and fabrication, and installation within 4-6 weeks of the initial measurements. Being that we do all the work, we have full control over pricing. This means we offer the fairest trade prices on the market. Even the best in support following installation is provided to every client.

We possess a high degree of knowledge. All design, fabrication, and installation team members are trained and professional. The options are unbeatable as well. There are over 40 fold options available and we also offer unlimited options in terms of glass configuration. Our slimline frames are most requested by our residential customers.


Benefits of Bi fold Patio Doors also include:

  • Almost 90% clear view, so one can enjoy the sight of their garden or patio.
  • Ability to retract just one panel at a time.
  • Withstand frequent use, especially for users who go in and out of their home a lot.
  • Suitable for internal or external installation.
  • Use as an access door, room divider, and completely open panel to accommodate guests, friends, and family members.

Equally suited to split up a living area or retain heat, our Bi fold Patio Doors can be used on patios. A high U value means they are energy efficient. The same benefits are enjoyed whether the system is installed as a single opening panel, a French door, or an 8-metre wide, 10 panel installation.


Bi Fold Doors Options:

Options include K-toughened Pilkington double glazed glass. While this is supplied as standard, we also offer solar, four seasons, or frosted glass. Blinds can be built right into the glass itself, so clients need not look any further for a fully functional door system.

In addition, our aluminium extruded frames are the thinnest and flush with the floor. They provide the best alternative to traditional patio doors and UPVC models. Our line of folding sliding doors add character to any home while helping homeowners save on heating bills.

To experience the benefits, contact us for a quotation.