Can One Door Really Keep the Bad Guys Out?

Doors are important parts of any home. Until recently, they did two primary things; opened and closed. Now they provide energy efficiency, space savings, and added light. Security is another aspect modern bifold doors provide like no other before them. The actually provide as much or more security than any contemporary door product on the market.

An 8 point locking system is the standout security feature. Exterior bifolds can therefore lock with the aid of anti-lift bars, two deep throw hooks, and shoot bolts. The entire system is engineered to the UK’s Secured by Design standards approved by police forces.

More security features of bifold doors include but are never limited to:

  • Glass with strength: Bifold doors, even when replacing entire walls with glass, remains strong. Its durability accounts for long-lasting installations which resist shattering under just about any stress.
  • No gaps for curious fingers: All openings and hinges are contained within the system, so it’s unlikely anyone’s fingers will get trapped. As an option, a finger safe mechanism can be manufactured so any open edges are eliminated.
  • Manufacturers can also install complete alarm systems on a bifolding door, which monitor security when you’re out, the doors are closed, and the locks are fully engaged.

Bifold door specialists are familiar with the most common features and options. Always ask about what is best for your application to keep your home or business as safe as possible.