Double Glazed Sliding Folding Doors


Your Full Service Sliding Folding Door Supplier

CB Glass Sliding Folding Doors has perfected one of the most popular home improvement products on the market. Aluminium folding sliding doors provide clear glass views and allow 90% more sunlight in, adding comfort and even heat when it is most needed. Better yet, we tailor each product to exact measurements and requirements. Options include different types of glass, colours, and elements such as integral blinds.

Our folding sliding doors can be a single panel, or multiple units to accommodate openings up to 10 metres wide. They slide open without taking up extra space, a benefit in smaller homes. Plus, the extra glass raises energy ratings, ultimately meaning lower heating bills. For environmentally conscious homeowners, our folding sliding doors are the right choice because they help lower CO2 emissions into the air.


Customisable Sliding Folding Doors Options:

Thermally broken aluminium adds energy efficiency, while the slim line frame is available in more than 300 different colours. The fully customizable product is designed to individual customers’ requirements and installed within a four week timeframe.

Lead time includes the initial site survey and all of the fabrication work, as well as installation. After years of service, we have perfected our method at a head production facility right in the UK. All installations can be made to match any interior décor.

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